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Connecting and Empowering Women 


Lively Friends

A company connecting women in their communities through monthly Lively Conversations Events.

Friendly Divas

A non-profit working towards sustainably ending period poverty.


Lively Friends is born of twenty years of study and experience. 

Women sharing and pursing personal growth in community tend to grow exponentially. 

I wanted to create an event for women to come together in a safe space and to feel a sense of belonging; within a time a time frame that suits their busy lifestyles.

LIVELY CONVERSATIONS EVENTS are the result.  These events happen in various locations to offer women the chance to build connections within their own communities.  


Friendly Divas started from a desire to be of service and to provide a solution to period poverty that wasn’t being offered locally. 

What started out as one campaign only has since grown to provide education and diva cups to hundreds of menstruating people in Nova Scotia.

The Lively Connection Project

Be Suzanne & See Vivienne.

The challenge is to be myself, Suzanne, and to see my daughter Vivienne for who she truly is.

I started a personal blog to record this one year adventure.  To find out more, check out the blog! 

About Me

I have been an entrepreneur and in pursuit of my own personal growth since my early twenties.

This pursuit led me to study psychology, spirituality, and many of today’s thought leaders. 

My experience over the years helped me recognize the power of groups. The potential for growth expands when in a supportive community.  

I am grateful I get to be a part of the Lively Friends Community.  

Our events happen in the evening, which gives me the flexibility I need.  I homeschool our young daughter in the day and connect with women at our events in the evening.  It is a win win.


Oh, yes, we also have a cat named George.  He too loves having me home.